The Randa
Tool Kit

Randa continuously adds value from concept to consumer using the principles below.


Randa’s trend team explores and analyzes retail stores, runways and street styles across the globe to identify emerging trends and provide inspiration and direction.


It is Randa’s culture and competency to re-evaluate, reformulate and optimize every product, brand and process. From Intellistretch to technology driven jewelry and accessories, Randa prides itself in innovation.


Randa utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as 3-D printing and rapid-test modeling, to aid in developing the best possible product and increased speed-to-market.


By conducting in-depth consumer studies on purchasing behaviors and preferences, Randa assures that consumers can buy precisely what they want, whenever and wherever they choose.


Randa planning, sales, and forecasting.

Every product, every day, everywhere requires extraordinary planning and forecasting. We’ve got you covered.


In-house packaging pairs with successful point-of-sale displays.

Randa reinvents the sales floor to engage consumers whenever and wherever they shop with innovative story-telling that ultimately increases sales.


Via one million square feet of eco-friendly distribution facilities in New Orleans, Reno, Toronto, Melbourne, Glenrothes, and Johannesburg, forms are processed, product is inspected, and with robotic systems, inventory is packed, weighed and shipped at record speeds.


Randa In-store Services delivers a competitive advantage at point-of-sale and its 3,500 nationwide retail merchandisers. Randa In-store Services merchandises, replenishes, demonstrates, and sells products, champions brands, and engages consumers at over 10,000 stores.


In countries across the world, products are manufactured, sourced and assembled. In the most time-efficient manner, with the highest-quality results, Randa inspectors monitor the progress, quality and social compliance of the entire process.