We will be supporting our retail partners again this year by spending the Friday after Thanksgiving in stores.

before black friday
  • Find your name on the assignment list.
  • Identify your primary location & area of responsibility.
  • Read below list of store procedures to understand what your day will look like.
  • Read above survey to understand what you need to gather information about.
  • Remember- the MCG Brand Ambassador you are assigned to is there to help you, but they are also working on Black Friday. If you have questions, be sure to reach out to them prior to the day.
during black friday

Conference Call
4:00pm EST

PIN: 8706140#


• Upon arrival, report to security and sign into vendor log.
• Bring a photo ID and business card.
• Introduce yourself to the staff and manager in your area.
• Inquire if you have access to the stock room.
• Organize and straighten Randa product.
• Fill fixtures with appropriate back stock if it exists.
• Engage with customers, suggest Randa product, and help customers cross items off their list.
• Take photos.


• Interrupt sales associates or managers while they are helping customers.
• Bring large boxes of product onto the floor. Instead, hand carry items from stock room to prevent disturbance to customer traffic.
• Leave a mess on the selling floor.
• Bring large bags into the store or the selling floor.
• Use cell phone outside of taking photos. If you must make or receive a call, step over to a store entrance.
after black friday