Randa's trend team scours retail stores, runways and street styles across the globe to identify emerging trends and provide inspiration and direction to our product design and merchandising teams.


The Randa supply chain is global and end-to-end. From concept to consumer Randa has eyes, hands and minds on every touchpoint. From onsite 3-D sample making to in-store selling, quality assurance and in-house customs brokerage, Randa adds value at each step of the journey. It is Randa’s culture and competency to re-evaluate, reformulate and optimize every product, brand and process to flawlessly assure that our customers can buy precisely what they want, whenever and wherever they choose.


Randa sales managers meet with our retail partners’ buying and planning teams determining quantity, distribution and delivery dates for product launches. Meanwhile our forecasting managers in Chicago, New York, London, and Shanghai analyze daily and weekly sell-thru, and schedule production, receipt, distribution, and delivery.


Award-winning in-house packaging and component designers create display concepts, elements, markings, and related marketing tools which seduce customers at the point-of-purchase decision. Stop, touch, smile, and buy – you can’t pass by a Randa product or display without experiencing an emotional response.


Whether it is carry-on luggage or a suitcase handle, a wallet or an ice scraper, whichever step of the journey, every product is produced under supervision of Randa quality assurance inspectors monitoring the progress, quality and social compliance of the entire process.


Production is a global symphony of sorts: A tie is finished or a buckle manufactured in Hangzhou, China. A belt strap cut and finished in Central America, from hides purchased in Europe by our sourcing managers, is assembled by Randa’s factory in Guatemala City. All of it finely orchestrated to complete the manufacturing journey in the most time-efficient manner with high-quality results.

Randa Accessories has significant strategic and financial investments in Tata, the largest belt manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere. This investment in manufacturing provides Randa customers with a complete end-to-end supply chain for men’s leather goods, providing increased speed-to-market, unique access to Mexican, Central and South American tanneries and customers, and reduces supply chain risk.

Tata was founded in 1985 to export Guatemalan handcrafted leather belts, bags and other small leather goods to the United States. Tata has evolved into a major manufacturer of high quality dress and casual belts. With modern, efficient, and state-of-the-art Italian equipment, Tata not only produces exceptional high quality goods, but does so in large volume, with rapid deliveries, from a convenient location, and with little, or no, customs duties. Tata customers include a powerful portfolio of major retailers, importers, and global brands.


Once production is completed, an appropriate Randa office in places like Xiamen China, Guatemala and Chicago complete forms and documentation for transit and for our in-house customs brokerage to process. Ultimately one of our global logistics centers in New Orleans, Reno, Taunton, Toronto, Melbourne, Glenrothes, Johannesburg, or Mexico City, inspect the products once again and move them down high speed conveyor systems to be packed, weighed and shipped that same day to their final destination.


Randa delivers a competitive advantage at point-of-sale via MCG and its 4,500 nationwide retail merchandisers. We merchandise, replenish, demonstrate, and sell product, champion brands and engage consumers at over 10,000 stores. Armed with selling data from Randa's analysts and forecasters in Shanghai and Chicago, Randa and its merchandisers provide sales summaries, market intelligence, buy plans and optimization, in real time.