From product creation to product consumption - factory to workplace and store to closet - Randa is committed to great global citizenship, to providing positive impact for people, the environment and our communities. We meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. We are pledged to use safe materials, maintain and improve safe working conditions, and to support human rights. We are dedicated to reduce our consumption of essential resources including energy and water. And it’s working. Our sustainability initiatives have saved 1 million kilowatt hours of energy, our water conservation 1 million gallons of fresh water, per year, and our recycling program has saved more than 75,000 trees. Significantly, our newest facility is over 500,000 square feet of LEED Gold certified distribution space.

Randa, and our associates, support and engage with many charitable organizations including: Mercado Global (in Guatemala), Volunteers of America, Toys for Tots, The American Red Cross, The Marfan Heartworks Foundation, The Ronald McDonald Foundation, The American Heart Association, The Boys and Girls Clubs, KIDS - Fashion Delivers, Save the Children, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund. Randa and our associates make a difference.